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Not all Super Heroes Wear Capes - But They All Need Self Care

In the rollercoaster realm of blending business aspirations with parenting, every parent entrepreneur has mastered the delicate art of wearing the 'Super Parent' cape. By day, you’re closing business deals, by evening you're negotiating peace treaties (between battling siblings, of course), and by night? Well, we’re still not entirely sure when you sleep.

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The Top 5 Challenges Parentpreneurs Face (And How to Overcome Them with a Smile!)

Oh, parentpreneurs! You brave souls who’ve decided that running after a toddler and running a business can totally happen at the same time. If someone’s given you a "Best Multitasker" mug, you’ve definitely earned it. But, even superheroes face challenges (Kryptonite, anyone?).

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Melanie is super-human. I'm constantly blown away by her depth of insight, her knowledge, and her ability to help entrepreneurs work through and around barriers. She certainly has set my soul on fire! But what makes it more amazing is how she balances her capabilities with the presence she brings to her role as a single parent. Like I said...super-human!"

Eric Roman
CEO & Founder, Dr. Eric J Roman

Mel has a unique ability to see past the distractions and find the essential. Her ability to craft her entrepreneurial life in harmony with her family life is unparalleled. Since working with Mel I’ve experienced more success, more passion, and more fun than I thought was possible. Run, don’t walk, to work with her!

Ben Brown
Fractional COO

Mel had a gift for seeing around corners and identifying blind spots and then building a simple strategic plan for getting what you want. I’ve personally seen her whiteboard entire businesses from scratch, and then hand over an execution plan on a platter. She has a brilliant mind, and is a master at helping people to see where they might get stuck along their journey. If you have the chance to work with Mel, I have no doubt she’ll get you going in a direction toward fulfillment and living a life you love!

John Davie
Growth Strategist and Investor

Mel is one of the most brilliant intuitive individuals I’ve worked with. She has an amazing ability to understand my needs and to provide a clear roadmap for achieving my goals. Her insights and expertise have been invaluable in helping me navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. With her support and guidance, you can be confident in your ability to to succeed. There's truly no better person to have in your corner than Mel.

Luke Peniston
Father and Serial Entrepreneur
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