Not all Super Heroes Wear Capes - But They All Need Self Care

Not all Super Heroes Wear Capes - But They All Need Self Care

In the rollercoaster realm of blending business aspirations with parenting, every parent entrepreneur has mastered the delicate art of wearing the 'SuperParent' cape. By day, you’re closing business deals, by evening you're negotiating peace treaties (between battling siblings, of course), and by night? Well, we’re still not entirely sure when you sleep. Indeed, parent entrepreneurs are a special breed of superheroes, effortlessly oscillating between boardroom brilliance and bedtime story brilliance. Yet, like every superhero, kryptonite exists. And often, that vulnerability is neglecting your own well-being amidst the whirlwind of business and family life. It’s crucial to ensure that your personal well-being doesn’t take a backseat. As you juggle these responsibilities, self-care is the key to keeping your superpowers in full force. So, park your superhero mobile, take off those capes (unless it’s laundry day), and let's delve into how to take care of yourself, while saving the world!

Strategizing Self-Care:

Carving out ‘me-time’ amid the pandemonium might feel like searching for a needle in a haystack while blindfolded. But, it's as essential as coffee on Monday mornings (or every morning, who are we kidding?). Try weaving small, intentional rituals into your everyday rhythm:

Make the Most of the Mornings: Gift yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning for serene contemplation, light stretching, or just to be mesmerized by your coffee’s steam swirls. Trust us, these moments are golden.

Delegate and Dominate: 

Assign tasks in both your business and home life. This can free up slots in your schedule for activities that you genuinely enjoy, self-care doesn’t always mean a spa day. It can be as straightforward as sipping tea, tuning into your breathing, or daydreaming about a world where socks never disappear in the wash.

Leverage Technology:

 Use technology to simplify tasks and keep chaos at bay. The more organized you are, the more time you'll have for both your enterprise and epic games of tickle monster with the kiddos.

My Favorite Self-Care Boosters:

Morning Zen Zone: A peaceful 15-minute routine can be your secret weapon. My sanctuary? A hammock, coffee in hand, accompanied only by the morning symphony of chirping birds. If I beat the natural alarm clock (also known as kids0, I snatch an additional 15 minutes. Soon after, it’s a family 5-10 minute stretch to start the day!

Ice, Ice Baby: Whether it’s a cold plunge or a cold shower, when anxiety sneaks up, I vouch for cold therapy. It’s science-backed, stimulating the sympathetic nervous system and flooding the body with good-feeling endorphins. It’s like hitting the reset button on your brain - refreshing with a touch of “why did I do this again?”

Micro Walkabouts: Thanks to the Pomodoro technique, during work breaks, I opt for a brisk walk. When the kids are home, it morphs into a quest – 'Treasure Walks'. They get a short list of items to spot, transforming a mundane stroll into an exhilarating expedition. They engage with nature, I engage with sanity - everyone wins.

Remember, you're a parent and an entrepreneur, not a robot. Self-care isn't a luxury; it's a vital part of your routine. By implementing these self-care practices, you’re powering up for the double-edged challenge of parenting and entrepreneurship. By seamlessly weaving these activities into your routine, you’re not only refueling your superhero tank but also ensuring that you're at your radiant best for both business meetings and bedtime shenanigans. 

Keep soaring!

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